A space made for the
knowledge economy

Soon a place in Buenos Aires to use technology to drive the development of solutions to real problems.

Our mission is

Promote knowledge economy in Argentina

BlockSpaces are community, open and collaborative spaces that provide their infrastructure for meetings, events and projects in various areas related to technology and what creativity allows, fostering the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of ideas.

3D printing to transform ideas and data into objects.

Biohacking and genetic programming with CRISPR-CAS-9 to innovate and bring powerful solutions.

Machine learning to increase productivity and automate. Check out the development of machine learning algorithms to learn to understand and copy voice.

We promote the development of open solutions in Arduino and Raspberry PI for automation in the physical world.

Promote the debate on the knowledge economy to solve real problems in society.

" Innovation spaces, fablabs, are fabulous places that produce data, which allows access to solutions anywhere in the world. It's sustainable. "
Kate Raworth - Economist


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