Imagine new audio ML technologies in Argentina

Blocklabs started a program called Research that promises to invest thousands of Argentine pesos in new technologies. Today we present our experiment with machine learn.

Using and optimizing several artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms we are building powerful software that allows for a series of new opportunities.

See the results of our phase alpha

See an example of one of our beta testers who can’t speak Spanish, but listens to the person saying in their native language what happened to them.

Original audio:

Simultaneous translation with AI and ML:

The listener hears the translation in the user’s voice in a natural and fluid way.

Imagine simultaneous translation with the person's voice

Imagine any voice in your projects

Transform your voice into TTS

With 5 seconds of sampled audio it is already possible to build an artificial voice based on yours.

Original audio:

TTS Voice:

Narration made with TTS technology and Machine Learning.

Participate in our tests

Contact and request your participation in testing new technologies, businesses and products in Argentina.

Our goal is to encourage and promote the development of new technologies and businesses.